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Mission Statement

The Rocky Mountain Forum:
Our Mission

We are a problem/discussion/solution(s) clearinghouse for the NA Regions in Colorado (and part of New Mexico), Idaho (and part of Oregon), Montana, Utah, and Wyoming (and part of Nebraska). We meet once per year, rotating through member region locations in July (4th Saturday) of each year. On the odd years, there will be an additional meeting in December (2nd Saturday) where we will primarily concentrate on the CAR with World Board Members in attendance. Each July when we meet, we will hold discussion groups, workshops and actively share in member regional needs.
And, at these annual meetings, we will generate a priority list of member activities for the coming year.

We offer the following for addicts, groups, areas and regions within the Rocky Mountain Forum boundaries:

  1. suggestions for solutions to NA problems given to this body
  2. addicts for Outreach if at all possible / if needed
  3. information (meeting lists, world registration help, literature, computer contacts, resource contacts and computer links)
  4. contacts with interested, experienced and service-oriented addicts (resource people)
  5. a website ( which has our Mission Statement, Contact methods, topics currently posted to Discuss, an Activities list, an Archive of our Documents and a discussion of Rocky Mountain Forum website through the Traditions of NA

We are action-based with web and postal contacts. We are here to serve the addicts within the boundaries of the Rocky Mountain Forum through the spiritual principles of unity and love.

RMF Approved: September 30, 2005