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Mission Statement

The Rocky Mountain Forum:
Our Mission


The Rocky Mountain Zonal Forum (RMZF) supports its regions by acting as a problem discussion and solution clearinghouse and an informational resource, to further regions’ efforts to carry the message to the addict who still suffers through the principles of love and unity, thereby promoting growth so that isolation does not hinder any addict’s recovery.

How we function:

  • Provide a regularly scheduled time and place where representatives of the member regions come together
  • Facilitate joint , multi-regional efforts which serve our member regions
  • Offer suggestions for solutions to NA service concerns presented to this body
  • Provide access to information and access to resources as requested (e.g. meeting lists, world registration help, literature, computer contacts, resource contacts, and computer links)
  • Contacts with interested, experienced, and service-oriented addicts (resource people)
  • A website ( which has our mission statement, contact methods, topics currently posted to discuss, an activities list, an archive of our documents and a discussion of RMZF website through the traditions of NA.


RMF Revised and Approved: July, 2012